Native app animations in Xcode using Sketch, After Effects and Lottie from Airbnb.

Mmmmmmm, native app animations.
  • What do you use to author the asset?
  • What format does an iOS or Android developer need?
  • Sketch
  • After Effects
  • Lottie from Airbnb
  • Xcode
Looping and on-boarding animations running inside the Xcode Simulator.

01. Setup Lottie

Install Bodymovin

  • Download the ZIP from the repo
  • Extract content and get the .zxp file from ‘/build/extension’
  • Use the ZXP installer from
Installing the Bodymovin’ extension.

Install Lottie in Xcode

Setup CocoaPods

pod --version
sudo gem install cocoapods
pod setup

Create an Xcode Project

Install Pod File

cd /Users/yourusername/Desktop/Mobiddiction\ Lottie\ Tutorial/Xcode/MobiddictionLottieTutorial
pod init
pod ‘lottie-ios’
pod install

Here’s what we’ll be doing next:

  • Create an After Effects animation with vectors created in Sketch
  • Bodymovin to export into a JSON file
  • Bring this JSON file into Xcode and implement it with some Swift code.

02. Sketch file

Setting up an art-board, it’s background colour and shape in Sketch.
Our final file, complete with art-boards and their shapes.

03. After Effects animation

  • Creating a composition at 375px x 667px (25 fps)
  • Adding a shape layer for the background.
  • Export the shapes you’ve created in Sketch as .EPS files
  • Bring them into After Effects and convert them to editable paths, clean up these paths
  • Add another shape layer that we’ll use to morph between these shapes, add path and fill modifiers to it so we can see it
  • Keyframe each icon’s path and copy them over to the shape layer we’ll use to morph between each icon
  • Tweak keyframe interpolation until the first 4 icons morph from one to another smoothly, add 180° clockwise rotation to each icon morph to give it character
  • Make the background colour change with each shape morph.
  • Add a null then parent our icon to it
  • Pop this in as the shape that precedes it pops out of view
  • Export the completed animation with Bodymovin

04. Xcode file

  • Open the Xcode workspace file you created earlier in this tutorial
  • Drag the JSON file into Xcode as an asset
  • Write the code needed to loop it
  • Test on an iPhone 7 emulator

Congratulations, you’re done!

For more content:

Update (31st March): Android Studio Tutorial.



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